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The production and inspection technological process of our company is arranged according to production standards, and we also establishes professional inspection organization which takes charge of the quality inspection of all process from raw material into the company to the final product store up. Inspections including inspection of inside seam,X-ray inspection, hudrostatic test ,visual inspection, and so on. The laboratory also equipped with advanced inspection equipment, such as direct reading  spectrometer, digital tensile testing machine, online-ultrasonic test equipment and X-ray inspection equipment. Each inspection process has aresponding engineer to supply guide and technological consult. All the inspect personel has take professional training, so as to ensure the quality of product comply with the standard. Our company establishes quality system according to GB/T1 9001-ISO9001 and API Q1 standard of American Petroleum Institute, and make clear regulations in strictly  control and good inspection the management responsibility, quality system, purchasing, control of process, inspection and testing. Our company has passed through GB/T1 9001-ISO9001 quality system certification, and ensure conducted effectively, ensure product quality comply with standard. In the process of inspection, strictly record, carry out the tracing policy of a voice following a pipe, made all the inspection record has good tracing function in all the production process.
we cherish the quality as our life, that professional purchasing team is stationed in the production frontline for QA and prompt delivery. Every product will be quality re-assured and key product’s manufacturing procedures will be monitored wholly from raw materials to delivery. Our Products have been established by the authoritative Third-Party-Test Agency such as SGS, Tuboscope, ACE and so on.